Garden Guidelines & Policies

In order to preserve the beauty of all our Gardens, and protect the enjoyment of all our visitors, the following guidelines and policies must be observed by all visitors to the Garden.


  • Pets are not permitted in the Garden.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Garden.
  • Please limit your time on the grass in the Kurimoto Japanese Garden.
  • Please assign someone to supervise young children, to ensure their safety around water and rock features, and to protect delicate Garden plants from little hands and feet.
  • Many of the large stones in the Kurimoto Japanese Garden have delicate lichens that take years to grow. In order to protect these plants, it is prohibited to stand or sit on most of the stones in the KJG. It is prohibited to stand on the stones at the top of the waterfalls. There are some areas where it is permitted to stand on stones for photos - please check with the Wedding Coordinator at (780) 987-3054 ext. 2223.
  • Climbing on trees is prohibited.
  • Minimize noise so all patrons can enjoy their experience. Be considerate of other visitors to the Garden.
  • With the exception of beverages purchased and consumed at our fully licensed on-site concession, alcohol is not permitted at the Garden.
  • Please deposit garbage and bottles in containers provided; help us keep the Garden beautiful for everyone to enjoy.
  • Rice, confetti and flower petals are not allowed.
  • Removal of plant material from the Garden is prohibited.
  • Guests must park in the Visitor Parking Lot. No vehicles are allowed to enter beyond the Garden beyond the parking lot without prior consent of the Wedding & Special Event Coordinator.
  • Limos and vehicles waiting for guests must turn off their engines; no idling, please.
  • Any damage to the Garden by clients or their guests will be the responsibility of the client named on the contract, and additional charges may apply.
  • The Devonian Botanic Garden is not responsible for stolen or missing items.
  • The Devonian Botanic Garden reserves the right to ask any guest who is a danger to themselves or others, or who is disrupting the enjoyment of the Garden by other guests, to leave the premises.

Subject to change.