Garden Etiquette

In order to preserve the beauty of all our Gardens and protect the enjoyment of our guests, the following must be observed by all visitors to the Garden.

  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Garden.
  • Removal of plant material from the Garden is prohibited.
  • Please limit time spent on the grass in the Kurimoto Japanese Garden.
  • Children must be supervised, to ensure their safety around water and rock features and to protect plants.
  • Climbing on trees is prohibited.
  • Rocks can be slippery – exercise common sense and caution. The Devonian Botanic Garden is not responsible for injuries that may occur around rocks and water features.
  • Games and equipment that can harm plants (soccer balls, for example) are prohibited.
  • Food and beverages may be purchased at the Patio Cafe, or you may bring in your own food; however, BBQs and cooking equipment are not permitted.
  • Please deposit garbage and recyclables in appropriate containers.
  • With the exception of beverages purchased and consumed at the licensed on-site concession, or with permits in designated areas, alcohol is not allowed at the Garden.
  • Rice, confetti and flower petals are not allowed.
  • Unless authorized in advance, all guests must park in the Visitor Parking Lot.
  • Limos and vehicles waiting for guests must turn off their engines. Idling is not permitted.
  • The Devonian Botanic Garden is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Minimize noise so all patrons may enjoy their experience.
  • Be considerate of weddings parties, photo groups and other visitors to the Garden.
  • The Devonian Botanic Garden reserves the right to ask any guest who is a danger to themselves or others, or who is disrupting the enjoyment of the Garden by other guests, to leave the premises.