Crafters Association

Formed in the early 1970's as an auxiliary to the Friends of the Garden, the Botanic Crafters' Association today is a volunteer organization with an identity of its own.

In the early days, the then named Botanic Garden Club held their first event - a dried flower sale on the University of Alberta campus. It was small, but well-received.

Success built upon success, until in 1988, members bought the log cabin which has been transformed into the beautiful Shop-in-the-Garden.

But no event or project, however grand, will surpass the triumph of that first sale. An exultant Marion Shipley recorded this of the Club's first efforts, "It was exciting. We made $600!"

Marion, the Association's first president, also recorded her wishes for the fledgling group. Naming another botanic garden auxiliary, Marion wrote:

"They make 1300 dried arrangements a year! This is my dream for the Devonian."

With the Friends of the Garden, Crafters donate funds to many Garden projects, many honouring Garden supporters. The Marion Shipley Memorial Garden and the Millie Gilbertson Memorial Gazebo are two such commemorative projects.

This year the Crafters and Friends are proud to sponsor storytelling and music in the Garden. Several other projects are in discussion or inception stages, as the Crafters actively pursue that first stated purpose of its founding members: To raise funds in support of the Devonian Botanic Garden.

The Botanic Garden Crafters are a diverse group of Garden volunteers who share their talents and skills to support the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden.

Along with the satisfaction of knowing their efforts help keep the Garden growing, the Crafters enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship which is a natural by-product of their craft.

Working sessions, held at the Garden and The House on the University Farm, are a hubbub of organized activity guaranteed to satisfy both the novice and experienced Crafter.

Most recently the Botanic Garden Crafters recently created Crafters' Friends bath and skin care products. All Crafters joined in teaching and learning this new craft.

This sharing is typical of many whom meet with more than one of our different craft groups.

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