Crafters Association

Join the DBG Crafters!

The Crafters' are always looking for new people to join us. If you would like to volunteer, we will teach you - no experience necessary! Visit us in our Workshop and see what we do.

We meet at the Crafter's Workshop at the Devonian Botanic Garden from April until November. Different groups meet on specific days, so you can choose a group that meets when you're available or that suits your area of interest.

Dried Flower Arranging
Tuesdays or Thursdays

DBG Crafters work with dried flowers from our gardens and other natural materials to create wonderful floral arrangements, wall hangings and decorative pieces. For the holidays, we create wreaths, centerpieces, tree ornaments and decorations.


The candlerollers use beeswax to create candles in all sizes and shapes, decorate them and create ideal gifts. We also work with gel wax to create themed candles.

Pressed Flowers

Working with delicate flowers, leaves and other natural materials, members of the Pressed Flowers group create greeting cards, bookmarks, framed picture and decorative gifts.

Special Projects 

DBG Crafters volunteers help with special projects that include creating special items for our annual raffle; making cement garden items including bird baths and stepping stones; making lotions, creams and soaps, including our Mosquito Oil and our ever-popular Bean Soup Bottles. Other Crafters, often working at home, make quilted items, crochet and knitted items, jewellery and scrubbies. DBG Crafters also bake for the Rhubarb Day event and assist with other Garden events.

To learn more about the DBG Crafters' Association, or to volunteer, email or call (780) 987-3054 ext. 2225 during our Workshop hours.

About the DBG Crafters' Association

The University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden Crafters' Association is a diverse group of volunteers who create floral arts and crafts for sale in the DBG Crafters' Workshop and in the DBG's Shop in the Garden. 

The Crafters enjoy coming to together to share their talents and skills to fulfill their mission: "To support and promote the Devonian Botanic Garden through the work of volunteers and provide a creative and supportive environment in which to work."

All the profits from sales of the Crafters' creative efforts support programs and improvements for the Devonian Botanic Garden. In addition to proceeds from our craft sales, the Crafters' Association contributes to the Garden annually through matching grants and special fundraising projects. In recent years, donations from the Crafters' have helped to support the Garden's award-winning Green School program, purchased wheelchairs, and funded an important new plant database for the DBG. One fundraising effort, the purchase of trams, has made it possible for more visitors, especially seniors and physically challenged visitors, to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful Garden.