Dr. Lee Foote


Devonian Botanic Garden

If the Devonian Botanic Garden were a symphony, I get to be the conductor and wave the baton. But truly the music comes from the combined efforts of the staff planning behind the scenes, the volunteers contributing support and hours, the children splashing at pond edge, the brides posing in a rose garden, the avid gardeners appreciating rare blossoms and the quiet philanthropy of donors who find us a sparkling way to improve the quality of life for all ages in Central Alberta.  My professional training is in plant community ecology, forestry and wildlife science.  My passions are outdoor activities, music, gardening, sharing experiences with others, teaching and publishing my research. The Devonian Botanic Garden directorship involves all of these things. The most exciting and challenging part of this job is managing swelling attendance, accommodating the Islamic Garden construction and ensuring that the new Ecological Learning Centre follows on the heels of this new garden. The public excitement and Garden activities create a palpable zing in the air here and I encourage you to join us today and stay involved for a very exciting year of growth!