Display Gardens


 The Arid Plant House
This glasshouse is for plants inhabiting regions of low, irregular rainfall and for plants of dry locations such as cliffs or tree branches.


Bromeliad Greenhouse

In the small lean-to greenhouse are bromeliads, which are attractive and unusual plants. The family Bromeliaceae contains almost 56 genera and about 2,700 described species. There are a few orchids and a couple of the most spectacular staghorn ferns with leaves that resemble antlers.


Herb Garden
The gardens cover 0.75 acres, and feature large island beds enclosed by the Pygmy caragana that serves as a wind break to protect more delicate herbs. It also repels inquisitive hands. New herbs are added each year to the garden.

Kurimoto Japanese Garden
The Kurimoto Japanese Garden, occupying five acres, is one of only a few Japanese gardens established in northern latitudes. This open stroll-style garden is designed to harmonize with the natural landforms and vegetation. Each element -  grassy hills, streams, ponds, and small waterfall - has been carefully arranged to create an area of peace and quiet for meditation.

GeraniumNative People's Garden
This garden covers an area of about 2.0 acres, almost completely surrounded by water. Opened on July 9,1982 by the Honourable Ralph Steinhauer , it now comprises an area of quiet beauty and a retreat,where trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants used by the first people of Alberta are displayed.

Ozawa Pavilion
Designed by Mr. Junichi Hashamoto, an architect based in Edmonton, is built primarily of yellow cedar imported from British Columbia. A combination of traditional Japanese features combined with modern innovation resulted in a multi-purpose building best described as a guesthouse with a tearoom.

 Patrick Seymour Garden
Alpine ecosystems are varied, provide a vast array of ecological niches to which plants have become adapted and thrive in. The Patrick Seymour Alpine Garden allows us to demonstrate not only what will grow here, but also the niches in which species grow.


Peony Collection
The word Paeonia (Peony or Paeony) stems from the Greek 'paion', which in turn is possibly derived from Paion, the physician of the gods, who used the plant medically. The genus Paeonia comprises about 33 species of perennial herbs and shrubs (Tree Paeonies) native to Europe, temperate Asia, Northwest America and China.

Plants of Alberta
Indigenous plants from the Province of Alberta are grouped in this Garden,demonstrating their use to gardeners and conservationists. It includes a rare plant conservatory.


 Primula Dell
Development of the Primula Dell began in 1963. Spring flooding occurred due to poor drainage, which killed many plants. Therefore, the area has been landscaped which included raising some of the lowermost regions. The original design of the Primula Dell, followed traditional English-style, informal, herbaceous perennial beds and borders.

 Tropical and Sub Tropical Plant and Butterfly Greenhouse
This greenhouse is an excellent location for plants from humid tropical environments such as rainforests, including trees, climbers, epiphytes and ground flora. Maintaining temperatures between 20 and 30oC can be maintained almost year round, to which the plants respond magnificently, providing a lush tangle of vegetation characteristic of equatorial regions.

Warm Temperate Greenhouse
In this greenhouse are more plants that have played, and still do play, important roles in human life. The greenhouse contains Lavender, Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Saffron and many many more.