Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Ozawa Pavilion

Experience Japanese culture in a unique setting. Traditional tea offerings are hosted at the Ozawa Pavilion, an authentic Japanese Tea House set in the tranquil Kurimoto Japanese Garden. Japanese sweets and tea are provided to guests, as well as an explanation of the tearoom and tea ceremony.

The tea ceremony is presented by the Matsukaze Chanoyu Association (Wind in the Pines Tea Association), a group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Japanese tea offering. Tickets are $7.50 for a seated indoor tea ceremony, and are paid directly to the volunteer group (cash only at the door, or online in advance). The ticket price helps to offset the cost of imported tea and sweets.

Free guided tours of the Kurimoto Japanese Garden will also be offered at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm – a wonderful opportunity to learn about the fascinating history and symbolism behind this special garden.

Sitting times for May 3, 2015:

11:15 am – Ro Ceremony (performed in the small tea room with guests seated on the floor). Max. 5 participants.

12:45 pm – Furo Ceremony (performed in the large tatami room, with most guests seated on chairs in the adjoining vestibule). Max. 15 participants.

1:30 pm – Furo Ceremony. Max. 15 participants.

2:15 pm – Furo Ceremony. Max. 15 participants.

Order tea ceremony tickets online through the Matsukaze Chonoyu Association's website.

Regular admission rates apply.  Friends of the Garden and Season Pass holders get free admission to the Garden.

$7.50 charge for tea ceremony tickets, payable to Matsukaze Chonoyu Association.

For more information call (780) 987-3054 ext. 2223.