Green School

Green SchoolImagine a student sitting under a tree in a garden listening to birdsong, feeling the warmth of the sun, and smelling the earth and grass. Imagine that today this student might hold a frog for the first time, plant a seed to take home, or search for wood bugs under a log. Imagine that the classroom is outside, for an entire week.

The award-winning Green School program at the Devonian Botanic Garden immerses children in the natural world for five consecutive school days. The essence of the program is ‘slow education’ - giving children time and opportunity to observe, hear, smell and touch the natural world, to reflect on their experiences and to make personal connections to nature. Through observation, hands-on inquiry, and guided exploration children are given unique opportunities to engage with their natural environment. Green School builds on a child’s invaluable sense of wonder. Many first-time students are ‘nature-starved’ and have never been in close contact with the natural world.

For a week each child can feel a part of nature, rather than apart from it. Benefits to students and teachers alike are significant and lasting. An appreciation of the natural world, and their relationship to it, leads students to an understanding of the importance of conservation and biodiversity. Green School sows seeds that participants and their communities will reap for years to come.

For information, contact Deb Greiner or call (780) 987-3054 ext. 2228. 

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