Enhancing Experience

The ELC will establish the Devonian Botanic Garden as a must-see destination for tourists and community members alike. It will allow the Garden to host more and larger events, providing an additional event venue with a total capacity of 500 and complementing existing outdoor venues.

Year-Round Opportunity

Enhanced and enlarged indoor spaces, including food services and interpretive displays, will ensure visitors are able to enjoy the Devonian Botanic Garden experience regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Increased Capacity & Enjoyment

The ELC’s increased physical capacity for festivals and events will attract an increasing number of visitors who will enjoy the Garden and all it has to offer, including:

  • Art shows
  • Performances
  • Garden festivals
  • Enlarged gift shop
  • Restaurant
  • Rooftop garden

“The Garden gives you an outlet … we wanted a good facility where the children could volunteer and grow. Now the kids play music there in their band. It’s a non-commercial, natural and educational environment … we just love it.”

~ Glenna, DBG volunteer and mother of four